Picking up your pet’s food at the grocery store, discount retailer or club store is both convenient and economical but are you really saving money? Here are few things to consider.

Premium pet food is formulated with your pet’s health in mind. Using higher quality ingredients with meat as the number one ingredient, premium pet food tend to mimic your pet’s ancestral diet more closely.

Your pet will have more energy. Premium pet foods contain less carbohydrates than most commercial pet foods. The carbohydrates they do contain are more slowly digested, limiting the effects on blood sugars.

Better Skin and Coat. Many skin allergies are caused by ingredients in your pet’s food including the protein source. Many premium pet foods offer limited ingredient diets with a single protein source. As an added benefit, many premium pet foods have ingredients that are high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which helps your pet maintain a healthy coat.

Your pets may see better oral health and be less prone to ear infections. The high quality ingredients and lack of fillers help keep your pet’s gut in better health as well. Problems in your pet’s stomach can often be detected by bad breath.

All of the above reasons can lead to lower vet bills. True you may save ten to fifteen dollars per large bag when buying a lower quality food but just one trip to the vet for a skin or ear issue can wipe out years of savings.

When comparing the cost of pet food be sure to calculate the cost per feeding. While many of the popular brands have a low price per bag, and even a large bag size, the cost per feeding may actually be higher. A very popular commercial brand in the grocery store requires 2 ½ cups of food for a 50 lb. dog while many of the premium brands only require 1 to 1 ½ cups for the same size dog.

The volume of food you need to feed your dog leads to a smaller stool size. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys cleaning up after their dog. When feeding a premium pet food your dog’s stool will be both smaller and firmer, making clean-up much easier.