This is the second in a four part series about keeping your dog safe around water.

While pools can be fun, they have many of the same dangers for a dog as it does a human. Here are a few things to keep on mind.

If your dog has free access to your yard, you may want to consider a pool alarm. Even an experienced swimmer can become distressed. Just like a child, never leave your dog unattended near your pool.

Be sure that your dog has a way to exit the pool. Many pools only have ladders. Your dog will need a way to exit the pool under his own power.  Also, keep their nails trimmed as the nails can potentially cut the pool lining which could result in damage to the liner.

Dogs are more sensitive to pool chemicals, be sure to keep an eye on him after swimming. The pool chemicals can irritate his ears, eyes, nose, and skin so be sure to always rinse your dog off with fresh water after he is done in the pool and be sure to dry his ears out as wet ears will lead to an ear infection. Be sure to thoroughly dry the webbing on his paws.

Don’t let your drink the pool water. Drinking the water can cause diarrhea, but it's unlikely anything else will come from it. Keep plenty of fresh cold water around to discourage your dog from drinking the pool water.

A dog swimming in the pool is going to mean extra hair in the filter, so the filter may need to be cleaned more often.