While getting together with family and friends is a joyous occasion for many people, it can be extremely stressful for your dogs. Here re a few things to keep in mind to keep your dog safe and calm.

Many traditional foods we eat on Thanksgiving can be toxic or may cause upset stomachs.

·         Stuffing – containing garlic, onions or scallions

·         Mashed potatoes with milk and butter (not toxic but can cause upset stomachs)

·         Turkey bones and skin (choking hazard)

·         Brine

·         Ham

·         Grapes and raisins

·         Chocolate desserts

·         Xylitol (artificial sweetener)

·         Macadamia nuts

·         Yeast dough

·         Mushrooms

·         Alcohol

If you are travelling with your dog, you may want to research the nearest emergency vet clinic that is OPEN on Thanksgiving. This is a good idea even if you are hosting.

Here are the phone numbers for poison control. Both charge a consultation fee.

·         ASPCA Poison Control Hotline: 888-426-4435

·         Pet Poison Line: 855-764-7661

Here are a few other things to consider

Safe place – if he doesn’t already have one, provide your pets with a place they can go to get away from the crowd. You may want to ask your guests to respect that place and leave the dog alone.

ID tags and microchips – pets that don’t normally run out the door may do so if stressed. Make sure your pets are wearing an ID tag. Also. Make sure all ID tags or microchip information is up to date.

Supervise pets around kids – even if your pets are great with kids be careful around young children. The added stress of a full house may make your pets do things they normally wouldn’t do.

Watch counters and garbage cans – cooking a holiday meal can be chaotic and messy. There are plenty of dogs that will use this opportunity to steal food or trash. Watch out for aluminum foil and plastic wraps. These are often coated with delicious remnants of food or sauces, but they can be a choking hazard.

Holiday decorations – make sure your holiday decorations are pet friendly.

From everyone at J-B Pet Supplies have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!