Many cats will occasionally develop hairballs.  Regular grooming and brushing will certainly reduce the number of hairballs that your feline might throw up. Long haired cats, especially those who excessively groom, are most likely to vomit hairballs, so frequent and regular grooming are most important for them. Here at J-B Pet Supplies we highly recommend Furminators, they do the best job at removing loose hair caused by shedding. A good metal comb will work well too.

However, hairballs should never be considered a normal condition for any cat! By nature, cats are built to handle fur in their digestive tract caused by self-grooming or the eating of their furry victims in the wild. With a healthy digestive tract, this excess hair would simply be eliminated in their stool. Hairballs that are coughed up or vomited may be caused by many different factors such as a diet that is moisture deficient (too much dry food versus wet food or a limited intake of water) or a digestive tract problem such as inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, pancreatitis, parasites, hernias, or foreign objects. Excessive self-grooming can be caused by skin allergies or parasites, which result in just too much ingested hair.

So it is important to determine the cause of your feline’s digestive disturbance before anything more serious develops. In any case with regards to any cat that vomits hairballs, consult your veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions.