Rotational Feeding for Dogs

What is rotational feeding?

Rotational feeding is the process of changing your dog’s food on a regular basis. This can be daily, weekly or monthly although it should be no longer than three months. For many people changing every month seems to work well.

Why is it good for my dog?

Despite the claims by the food companies most, if not all, pet foods are deficient in some manner. Rotational feeding can insure that over a period of time your dog receives all of the nutrients it needs.

Another huge benefit is variety. Imagine eating the same meal every day for your entire life! Sometimes dogs stop eating their food and it is merely because they are bored with their current diet.

How often should I change foods?

You can change the protein sources within the same brand as often as you wish. If you purchase a month’s supply of food try changing it each month.

Should I change brands?

Yes! Each brand supplements their foods with different nutrients and the benefits of rotational feeding will only be realized by changing brands.

Will my dog get sick?

Unless your dog has a very sensitive stomach or a food allergy, rotational feeding should not be a problem. In fact, rotational feeding can help build a stronger digestive system as the dog’s body must adjust to a new food.

How do I get started?

About a week before you are finished with your dog’s current food start mixing in a small amount of the new food. Gradually increase the amount of new food until the transition is complete. Most dogs will not experience an upset stomach is the change is made gradually.